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10 Actionable Tips to Level Up Your Social Media Game

July 27, 2022
Swaraa Lodha

Captions and consistency are the new cookies and cream.  

With shorter attention spans and new content around every corner, you need to catch people’s attention and then keep DOing it. Instead of physical stores and pamphlets, you can now use the power of your phone and social media platforms to grow your business.

Once considered a way to pass the time, social media is now an incredible business tool. One you can (and should) use to the advantage of your business. But everything you need to do to stand out can feel overwhelming, so we’ve got your back.  

Here are 10 actionable tips to level up your social media game:  

1. Create a brand, forge a memory:

The first step is to get a solid visual foundation that covers the basics. You want a consistent theme across your posts and content. Consistency makes your feed memorable and creates a subliminal connection with your viewers. They'll think of you whenever they see these combinations together. Also, pay attention to the overall look of your page instead of focusing solely on each post. Finally, you need to look at the grid holistically and plan your posts to prevent any visual clashes.

ACTION: Choose a primary color, font, gradient, and style for your social media accounts. Then follow it whenever you post.

2. Consistency is key:

Regular content keeps your business in the mind of your target audience. Post a few times a week, and create and post particular content on specific days to build momentum. For example, Mondays could be for motivational quotes, while Fridays you could share behind-the-scenes footage. Maintain a calendar and prepare for days/weeks in advance. That way, you’re not wasting time, and it's easier to manage any last-minute changes.

ACTION: Decide on two (or three) topics that might interest your audience. Then re-use these each week for consistency.  

3.Don’t forget the clock:

You can post whenever you feel like it, but timing matters too. Certain times of the day will receive higher engagement. So, understand the timing and get your most important posts live during these periods. That ensures more of your audience (and customers) will like, share and comment.

ACTION: Sprout Social has an excellent overview of the timings to follow; you can check it out here.  

4. Be picky with your posts:

You already know you need to be on more than one channel. Using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. But what’s critical is that you differentiate your content across channels. This will allow you to leverage each channel for its strengths. Create reels on Instagram, post long-form content on LinkedIn, and host live events on Facebook.

ACTION: Be honest here. If you’re only cross-posting the same things across all platforms – stop. You need to make it different.

5. Create simple, shareable content:

Your target audience is already overwhelmed with the amount of content online. So, don’t add to their burden. Instead, aim to post unique, bite-sized insights that are entertaining and easy to understand. Remember, quality > quantity.    

Even if your content is complex, your goal is to simplify.  

Make it interesting, engaging, and intriguing, so your readers want to save your posts and share them with their networks.  

ACTION: Try explaining your post to a 5-year-old (or your grandmother). If they don’t get it, you might need to simplify it.

6. Be creative, but don’t forget to crunch the numbers:

You should spend time making your posts prettier, but don’t forget the data. Make time to sneak a peek behind the creative curtain. Keep an eye on the analytics and algorithms behind your posts. This is critical if you spend money on ad campaigns or boost posts to promote your business. You’ve got to optimize your data to see which channel is bringing your business the most value.

ACTION: Go to your dashboard and review the performance metrics of your posts. Find out which themes, designs, and timings resonate the best.

7. Your first “impression” makes an impact:  

Remember to communicate what your business does on all your social media accounts. Your goals and "why" are also important. Add a description of what your business does in your bio. You can also include relevant hashtags and call-to-action (CTA) buttons. This could be to your website, a survey, a sales page, or even a service like To encourage any visitors to your profile to enter your sales funnel.

ACTION: Create a concise bio that describes your business. Then add it to all your social media accounts, along with any relevant hashtags, and a clear CTA.  

8. Communicate with your community:

Just because you’re an Independent Doer, it doesn’t mean you’ve got to work solo at all times. The same goes for your content. Don't post and move on. You need to engage with your audience and make an effort to respond, react, and repost their comments. If you get feedback, good or bad, remember to tag the contributor and thank them (or promise to do better). If you get asked questions about your business, reply fast - in public or directly to the customer.

ACTION: Set aside dedicated time to engage with your community actively. Aim for at least 10-15 mins every time you post.  

9. Show, don’t tell:

You’ve got to do more than tell your customers to buy your products. Many customers will need to see how they can actually buy them. Promotions, discount codes, and other incentives can encourage potential buyers to take action. So, invest time to create videos/gifs that explain how and where to use the codes and make it easier for your viewers! Just remember to post more than once, and to follow up. If you've got a promotional code your customers can use for a specific time, post a few times to remind them when it ends.

ACTION: For every five posts you make, include one that shows a viewer something. How to buy, or gives them an incentive to take action.

10. Just be yourself:

Of course, you're using social media to promote your business, but don't make it 100% promotional. The foundation of your social media accounts should be you. Your aim should be to create a personal connection with your community. Do live sessions, Q&As, post behind-the-scenes, and share personal photos every once in a while! Your fans want to see what the culture of your business is like, and how you work. It'll strengthen your relationship with them.  

ACTION: Add one “you-focused” post each week, that gives your audience a peek into what it’s like to run your business.

Doing social media the right way is all about consistent, daily action. Taking small steps while looking forward. So, you’re not overwhelmed with everything you’re meant to be doing – you're excited for the traction you’re seeing. Use these steps to kickstart your social media strategy today.

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