Lianhe Zaobao & Wanbao Feature (5 Nov 2019)

"Being self-employed often means taking care of areas such as insurance, benefits and even office spaces on your own. Membership-based platform Doerscircle supports freelancers, start-uppers and entrepreneurs in their first steps towards starting their own businesses by providing insurance, healthcare and many other solutions."

Article published in Chinese.

Also syndicated on Zaobao Facebook, SG SME and SG SME Facebook.

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Wantedly, Inc Feature: Empowering a global community of entrepreneurs with Doerscircle

"Doerscircle is to freelancers, entrepreneurs and startup owners, what record labels are to artists: An all-encompassing support system that does the heavy-lifting in the background, so that you can strut your stuff, be your own boss and focus on your business. Working directly with service providers, Doerscircle currently offers global in-patient health insurance and a bevy of healthcare solutions such as physiotherapy, general practitioner and annual health checks, with a plethora of business solutions including hot desk passes and company incorporation packages in the works!"

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Money FM89.3: Doerscircle's Mission (23 July 2019)

"There is a rise in the number of start-up founders, entrepreneurs and freelancers in our modern workforce. But where do these self-employed people turn to when they need help in their day-to-day operations?

Timothy Go, sitting in for Claressa Monteiro, speaks with Helle Priess, Founder and CEO of Doerscircle about her operation and what it does to benefit these start-up founders, entrepreneurs and freelancers."

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