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Our contracts are curated with the assistance of NOVA8's experienced lawyers to ensure that you can establish clear terms and conditions with your clients that are in compliance with Singapore law. We have teamed up with Contractbook to simplify the entire process of contract creation, as well as post-signature handoffs.

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Confidentiality Obligations & Exceptions

Laying out what can and cannot be done with the confidential information provided so that it is not shared, copied, disclosed

Reservation of Rights

Everything will remain your intellectual and legal property so that your ideas, thoughts and information belong exclusively to you​

Ensure Mutuality & Duration of Contract

Binds both parties equally to treating shared information confidentially within the defined the period

Governing law & Jurisdiction

As the NDA is governed by Singapore law, the courts of Singapore will be appointed in case of any disputes

Capture parties information & more..

NDA is valid by capturing all personal/ company details captured from your counter-parties

Term of Service

Clearly define the specific tasks that you / your contractor will be providing to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes over work expectations

Payment Terms

Details on how and when you / your contractor will be paid, including payment rates, and any penalties for late payments to ensure alignment about compensation

Termination Clause

Establish the length of the contract and conditions under which either party can terminate it to protects both parties from any unexpected or premature termination

Governing law & Jurisdiction

As the NDA is governed by Singapore law, the courts of Singapore will be appointed in case of any disputes

Pricing Structure & more..

Outline the pricing structure, including any discounts or bonuses that may be available to avoid any confusion

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Make any necessary changes to the contract. Start using it straightaway and send it for digital signature with a click of a button.

what to prepare

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Be prepared with all the important details required before you begin creating your contract


Freelance Contractor Agreement

Ensure you have all the information you need to write a contract

Date of Agreement
Date of Commencement
Company details i.e. address
Parties' full name as shown in passport
Details of the services to be performed and more..

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Ensure you have all the information you need to write a contract

Purpose of engagement
Date of agreement
Company details
Contractor details
Period of non-disclosure obligations and more..
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All contracts are governed by Singapore law and in case of any disputes, the courts of Singapore will be appointed so you can have a peace of mind!

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