The big "WHY"

It all started with a lot of "Whys": "Why do I have to pay so much more just because I am venturing on my own?", "Why are there certain things that I had yesterday, which I can't get today – just because of the fact that I'm now on my own?", "Why does self-employment mean forsaking basic corporate benefits" and so the "Why's" continued... Followed by a lot of frustration… "Why do I need to waste my time trying to understand and obtain things that should be straightforward instead of spending all my time and energy on building my business?"

This was 10 years ago when Helle Priess, the Founder of Doerscircle, started her journey as an Independent Doer.

"When I decided to leave what lots of people would call my stable and well-paying corporate job to chase my dream, I ended up having to pay 5 times more than the corporate rate for a less favorable insurance plan, even though I had been with the same insurance company for almost 10 years. That didn't make sense to me. I soon experienced similar challenges in banking as well as in more straightforward areas like mobile and software subscriptions. I felt like I was almost being 'punished' for choosing to start my own business, and for being willing to take risks to chase my dreams".

The future of work

In 10 years certain things have developed. With nearly 50% of the global workforce being self-employed and the world continuously evolving, the way we work, perceive work and structure our lives is tremendously changing.

Our lives have changed, yet the world is to a very great extent still designed by corporates, for corporates and for corporate employees, not tailored to the individual. This leaves us, Independent Doers, with higher prices for benefits, solutions and services like insurance, healthcare, banking facilities, software subscription plans and much more. Sometimes we're even left without access.

We see an enormous global shift in the way we live our lives. However, the world around us hasn't yet caught up. That creates some very significant imbalances. And that's exactly why we've created Doerscircle. We want to challenge the status quo and reshape the world for Independent Doers.

Helle Priess, Founder of Doerscircle
Photo of Helle Priess

We see an enormous global shift in the way we live our lives. However, the world around us hasn't yet caught up. That creates some very significant imbalances. And that's exactly why we've created Doerscircle. We want to reshape the world for Independent Doers – Start-uppers, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Helle Priess, Founder of Doerscircle

Reshaping the world for independent doers

We see Independent Doers as true innovators and future market drivers.
As a team of entrepreneurs ourselves, we know what it is like to leave stability behind and jump into, or just live in, a world full of uncertainty.
At Doerscircle, we unite Independent Doers to negotiate better conditions and ensure greater security and stability.

We empower you to succeed

We believe that your time and energy should be focused on growing your business. Things should not become more difficult just because you are an Independent Doer. We are here to secure you easy access to services and solutions tailored to your needs, so that you can focus on what you do best.

We believe in simplicity & transparency

Our services and solutions are targeted, easy to understand, and most importantly, affordable. As there are no hidden costs or markups, we are able to offer you corporate prices or even lower!

Photo of the Doerscircle team

We're building an All In One Entrepreneur Platform

We're building a one-stop platform to provide you with all you need in your journey as an Independent Doer, simply so that you can focus your time and energy on what you do best. We believe that Independent Doers are the future of work, and thereby deserve better terms and conditions. We're constantly optimising our platform to provide you with all-rounded support on various aspects of your business and life.

Working independently does not have to be a lonely journey. Besides our solutions, you'll also get the opportunity to connect with our community of Independent Doers by joining Doerscircle.

Join our amazing network to collaborate, learn and grow together.

Let's be Independent, Together.


Meet our team - We are here for you!

Photo of Helle

Helle Priess
Founder & CEO

Hi! I'm Helle, the Founding Doer of Doerscircle. I founded Doerscircle because someone had to do it ;) For years I was frustrated, but also intrigued, by the huge gap, or disconnect, that I saw in the world. Cutting the story short here (check our Story above to read the longer version ;)) - I needed Doerscircle myself. That would have made my life so much easier, and the same thing I hear from all the fellow Independent Doers that I've met on my way so far. I'm a Doer by heart - I love getting things off the ground and be part of challenging the status quo and create positive changes. That's what we do at Doerscircle. We want to make your life easier - and put you in a position where you can focus on what you do best and enjoy the most - and leave the rest to us. How can we do that? By having an amazing team of very dedicated, passionate and smart people. I'm fortunate to head that. And when I'm not busy doing this? Then you'll probably find me tumbling around with my daughter; or doing any kind of sports as the sport junkie that I am.

Photo of Randell

Randell Rivera
Tech Lead

Shhh! I'm on stealth mode and
doing reconnaissance mission,
a.k.a. building tech stuff;

Who? Me? I'm Randell,
the Ninja Doer;
Master in the arts of
Gijutsu (技術, lit. technology);
I use hidden weapons and unconventional Jutsu's (術, lit. techniques) to make sure things just "magically" work - don't bother knowing the "Why's" or "How's";

I have two turtles of Genin (下人) rank; I aspire to become the next Tekukage (テクノロジ影, lit. Tekunorojī Shadow);
Joining Doerscircle has always been my "way of the ninja", the decision was swift;

I always end statements with semi-colon;

Photo of Carynn

Carynn Tey
Head of Marketing & Communication

Hi! I'm Carynn, the Inspired Doer. I tell the stories of the 'whys' behind our work. I love connecting the dots and setting the scene for doers to find their motivation and inspiration. I believe we're all standing on the shoulders of giants and nothing great is ever achieved through a single person's effort, which is why I fell for the vision behind Doerscircle. Being independent doesn't mean being alone. There is strength in unity and as a community Independent Doers can achieve more than they would alone. When I'm not at work, you'll find me having a laugh at someone's expense, behind a camera lens, putting pen to paper or all three simultaneously.

Photo of Martin

Martin Breitenstein Hansen
Project Manager

Hi! I'm Martin, the Optimistic Doer. I like chasing opportunities and challenging the status quo wherever possible! I am a project manager here at Doerscircle and a big focus of mine is getting more solutions and benefits out to Independent Doers around the world through international expansion. I want Independent Doers to have better benefits and thereby better opportunities to pursue their dreams and create positive change and value. Simple as that. As someone who has worked in multiple startups and frequently organises networking events to meet like-minded people, I understand the importance of empowering and supporting Independent Doers. I joined Doerscircle with the goal to make life as an Independent Doer easier and to encourage more people to become Independent Doers, knowing that they have the right support to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Photo of Kadja

Kadja Lorenz
Compliance Manager

Hi, I'm Kadja, the Diligent Doer. I'm working on all compliance related matters at Doerscircle. After having spent more than 10 years doing compliance in the Financial Sector I'm thrilled to have joined Doerscircle. I know that a lot of Independent Doers experience quite some obstacles on their journey and I'm very keen to help remove some of these obstacles - paving the way for all Independent Doers to achieve their ambitions. As the social person I am, it really motivates me to help Independent Doers succeed with their passion. I truly believe that when we help each other through networking and unite as a strong and powerful group, then we can accomplish great things. When I'm not working then I love doing all kinds of sports - and cooking ;)

Photo of Joo Seng

Wong Joo Seng

Hi! I'm Joo Seng, a VC, a Serial Tech Doer and proud Advisor to Doerscircle. I've been a strong supporter of Doerscircle since it was really just a powerpoint presentation and a vision. But what a great vision! Something that I completely buy into! I love being involved with this team and to be part of reshaping the world for Independent Doers - a world that I've been part of myself for the past 20 years. This is highly inspiring and never boring! When I'm not spending time with Doerscircle? Then I'm busy building and running Spark Systems as the Founder and CEO.