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May 28, 2024
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Senior Developer Position

We’re looking for a creative yet systematic and structured, energetic, driven and business oriented Senior Developer who is ready to join us as we continue to grow and expand our business – the first of its kind one-stop digital platform for self-employed people, freelancers, project workers, independent consultants, entrepreneurs. Independent Doers. A unique opportunity to create value and make a difference for millions of Independent Doers globally.

The position

As our Senior Developer, you’ll be part of our small and agile tech development team – working closely with the entire team of Doerscircle.

Who you are

  • You're a flexible Doer who gets things done and puts pride in delivering the right quality on time.
  • You simply understand the importance importance not just of timely delivery, but also of delivering to the expected standard.
  • You’re creative, agile, and solution-oriented yet systematic, structured, detail-oriented and process-driven.
  • You’re highly analytical, a fast learner.
  • You’re a team player.
  • You have 5+ years of experience.

Your competencies include:

  • Experience in building B2C/B2B platforms using either of the following stack: Vue.js/Nuxt.js, React.js/ Next.js, Svelte/Sveltekit (we're currently using Nuxt)
  • Experience with mobile-first, SEO-friendly, highly-performant web application
  • Experience with API-driven development (REST/GraphQL)
  • StrongJavaScript/ES6+/HTML5/CSS skills
  • Knowledge of Functional Programming and OOP paradigms

If your competencies also include the following, it’s just an advantage

  • Automated JavaScript unit and integration testing (e.g. Jest/Mocha)
  • Experience with Stripe and/or other online payment processing
  • Experience with Headless CMS (e.g. Prismic, Contentful)
  • Webflow or similar no-code website design/development
  • TypeScript experience
  • PWA, a11y, i18n experience
  • Lean-thinking, design-thinking and other patterns and best practices


  • You will ideally be working from our hub in Singapore – however, we are flexible if you are the right candidate.

Why join us

  • Be part of an amazing team! We’re a young, vibrant, and fast-moving team. We genuinely value our team members. We all play an important part and together we develop and grow stronger.
  • Growth opportunities! We’re growing our team and expanding our reach, which means more opportunities for you.
  • You can make an impact! We’re reshaping the world for Independent Doers. By being apart of the early journey, you can be a significant force for change.
  • Personal development! You’ll get the chance to take ownership and be part of setting direction.
  • Have fun! At the same time as we’re super ambitious, challenge ourselves and work hard to realize our vision, we make sure to have fun. We enjoy the ride, wedon’t take ourselves too seriously, and we guarantee you that we’ll add to your good mood. We simply believe that fun and happiness bring along greater achievements.

If you're keen