We are a team of entrepreneurs, self-employed people, creators and freelancers ready to make the lives for all of us as Independent Doers easier. We are creating an environment wherein we as Independent Doers can focus on what we do best, stay independent and achieve our life goals.

We are Doers, reshaping the world for Doers.

Who are you?

We are always looking for Doers to join our team. Although we don’t really like job titles (we are simply not that much into boxes…) we understand this gives some direction and makes it easier for you to find the right gig.

Therefore, if you are as excited as we are about reshaping the world for Independent Doers and you can’t find what you are looking for, just let us know how you can contribute and we’ll figure out how we can make you part of our journey.

Empowering Independent Doers

Do you enjoy uniting people and empowering them to do their best work? If you do, then you might just love Doerscircle.

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Growth Manager

It's all about growth!

Looking for a way to develop yourself and play a huge part in growing Doerscircle as a platform? We have several internship positions to fill! If you recently lost your job due to the pandemic and you're motivated to join our team as an intern for starters, do apply as well!

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Internship Sales & Marketing

Telling the story

Let’s be honest: insurances, accounting, legal services and all the stuff you need to know in order to run a business can be rather boring and very complex! What would you do to make it readable and relatable? Are you up for this challenge?

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Content Marketer

Making it pretty

Making an impact with catchy designs for our online actions and off line presence. This is a fantastic opportunity for the creative Independent Doer to be honest! Are you creative enough?

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Digital Designer

The deal maker

The more relevant solutions we have the better for the Independent Doer. Close those solution deals! Want to be part of turning Doerscircle into the #1 online support system for Independent Doers?

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Business Development Manager

Creating extra value

Just like with our solutions: the more relevant member benefit partners we have the better for the Independent Doer. Be creative and think outside the box! How much value can you add?

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Member Benefits Manager