The Easy Way to Protect Your Digital Identity from Theft

Secure your personal and professional information from cyber attacks, theft, fraud, and any unauthorized access - with just one solution
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Actively Scan and Monitor Your Key Information to Protect You and Your Business

Spyware, Malware, and Viruses

Online Threats / Digital Threats

Private & Confidential Details

Financial Information on the Dark Web

Suspicious Credit Activity / Bank Fraud

Usernames & Passwords on the Dark Web

99 Passwords are Stolen Every Minute. Ever Wonder Who Might Be Using Yours?

You may not have even realized that your personal details were exposed or stolen...
43% attacks
Targeted small businesses in 2022
Personal records leaked in 2022
$6 Trillion
Cost of cybercrime in 2022
Are you at risk?

Protect Your Digital Identity with Doerscircle

Start your protection now and get instant alerts for any suspicious activity
Account Monitoring

Stay a step ahead of those who want to hurt you online

Actively monitor your accounts and the dark web for any information leaks, to discover if your personal data is being misused.
Receive immediate notifications and alerts of unusual, unauthorised, and suspicious activity
Monitor your online accounts while searching the dark web for the theft and sale of personal information
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Holistic Security

Protect the online version of your personal and professional life

Get comprehensive protection for your online activity, even basic information can be used as a source of identity theft
Get access to Cyberior's Device Security Software and protect your devices against cyber attacks
For swift resolution of any cases, rely on Cyber Resolution Specialist help within 24 hours to tackle identity theft and fraud

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Multi Device Protection

Ensure you cover all your bases and protect multiple devices

Enjoy real peace of mind and secure your personal data across multiple platforms and devices in your family
Secure your mailing address, bank account numbers, passport information, email IDs, credit cards, and mobile numbers online
Get 2-5 devices secured to ensure overall security for yourself, your family, and your business

Ensure you are protected today

Join 165+ million individuals in 15+ countries who are already protected with Cyberior.
Exclusive to Premium Members Only

Plans to Suit Your Business

Stay safe with a solution that constantly scans and monitors your key information, to ensure your personal data and digital identity is protected online

Starter plan

Billed yearly.
Protect 2x E-mail IDs, 1x Mobile...
Account breach and digital identity monitoring
Digital Transaction Coverage
Automated notifications and alerts
Crisis Solution Specialist Services
Cancel anytime, with no strings attached
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Stay a step ahead of the identity thieves, and stay safe online
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Cyber Fraud and IT Theft Protection.
What happens after I purchase the solution?
After you successfully purchase the solution, you will receive an email from us with a link to set up your profile on Cyberior. Download the Cyberior App and add the given information to be covered instantly.
Where can I use this solution?
This solution can be purchased in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore and it is to be used in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Cyberior's Device Security Software can be downloaded across multiple devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

The software includes protections such as Anti-malware software, Online Banking Protection, Digi-Parenting, and Ransomware Protection.
What's the difference between the two packages?
The Starter package includes protection for:
  • 1 Mailing address
  • 1 National ID
  • 1 Passport No.
  • 1 Drivers License
  • 1 Passport No.
  • 1 Health card
  • 2 Bank Account Numbers
  • 2 E-mail IDs
  • 1 Mobile number
  • 2 Credit card No.
  • 2 Devices
The Growth package includes protection for:
  • 1 Mailing address
  • 1 National ID
  • 1 Passport No.
  • 1 Drivers License
  • 1 Passport No.
  • 1 Health card
  • 2 Bank Account Numbers
  • 5 E-mail IDs
  • 5 Mobile number
  • 5 Credit card No.
  • 5 Devices
What if I need extra coverage for additional email addresses, credit cards, or devices?
You can easily purchase additional email/card/devices to be monitored on the App.

In the event that you need extra coverage for additional email addresses, credit cards, or devices, you can add these on inside the app at the rates listed here:

- Additional email to be monitored: $10
- Additional credit card to be monitored: $10
- Additional Device Security Software license: $30
If my account information changes, how can I update my new information?
You are eligible for one complimentary replacement of an Email Address and a Credit Card that is being monitored. This way you are covered in case you change your email or if one of your credit cards needs to be replaced.
My questions are not addressed here. Who should I contact?
You can reach us at [email protected] and let us know what issues you are facing. We will support you and help you get what you need!