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An empowering platform to support all the freelancers, consultants, startups, entrepreneurs of the world - the "Independent Doers" like you.

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Browse and make use of premium library of ready-to-use contracts, templates, recordings, and content to help you across all aspects of your business.

Premium events / workshops

Stay up-to-date by joining powerful and insightful conversations between experts and entrepreneurs worldwide, and continue to grow your business.

Solutions at premium pricing

Leverage affordable, flexible solutions for your business, freeing up your time to find new customers, expand faster, and build real momentum.

Passionate community

Connect, collaborate, and grow your business with the support of over 90,000 helpful and engaging individuals who are on the same path as you.

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Freelance Contractor Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Save hours by creating and sending contract templates

Ensure mutuality & duration of contract
Lay out confidentiality obligations & exceptions
Contracts governed by Singapore law
Create, review, send and download contracts in a click
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DO Masterclass

Discover the secrets to success from industry experts

Gain exclusive access to insider knowledge, strategies, and insights to propel your career to new heights
Global speakers
Topics covered (from crypto to business)
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You can enjoy all of this for just SGD5.50 4.50/month*

Leverage 120,000+ entrepreneurs for support and advice
Save time and effort with 50+ solutions & benefits
Learn from experts with biweekly masterclasses
Create unlimited & free legal templates within minutes
Expand your network with exclusive events
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Premium Membership.
How can I get 20% off my premium membership?
Simply click on "Join Now" anywhere in this page and you will be navigated to our check out page with 20% discount on premium membership. Make sure that you're using your friend's referral link!
Can I join Doerscircle if I am not an entrepreneur, freelancer or working in a startup?
Sure, you can access solutions relevant to you and we have a community for you to meet other people.
What are the Terms & Conditions of this Refer&Earn program?
The following terms & conditions applies for the Refer Friends & Earn Reward program:

The referred party will get 20% off their new premium membership using the unique referral link provided by the referrer. The discount is only available using the unique link.

The Doerscircle member who refer a new premium member, who have used the unique referral link, will earn 10 points for every referral, which can be redeemed for either SGD 5 in cash or SGD 10 in DO Platform voucher under the following conditions:

1. Cash payout of SGD 5 per referral with a minimum of SGD 50 (minimum 10 referrals) to an account in a local Singapore bank participating in the FAST transfer network or via PayNow*, or
2. DO Platform voucher with a value of SGD 10 per referral with a minimum of SGD 50 in voucher (minimum 5 referrals). The DO platform voucher is not limited to Singapore and is available from any location.

The reward status can be tracked and overviewed on the referrer’s Membership Dashboard. When the redemption has been requested the referrer cannot change redemption method until new reward points have been earned. The referrer will receive the reward within 10 business days from when the referrer has requested the redemption.

Once the voucher code is generated no refund will be given. If the voucher is used on a product or solution that is priced lower that the value of the voucher, there will be no refund or credit of the remaining balance. A DO Platform voucher is personal and cannot be transferred to any other Doerscircle members.

*For cash payout you are responsible to provide correct account information and PayNow details. Doerscircle cannot become liable if cash payout is not received due to incorrect account information details or wrong PayNow details.

Doerscircle can at any given time change, terminate or suspend the Reward Program without giving any further notice. Any unused DO Platform vouchers continuing to be unused after the suspension of the Reward Program will be forfeited. Any unused points will be considered null and void after the termination of the Rewards Program. There will be no refund or credit for the remaining balance. The Doerscircle general terms & conditions shall apply to this Referral Program and in the event of any discrepancy the general terms & conditions shall prevail.
My questions are not addressed here. Who should I contact?
You can reach us at [email protected] and let us know what issues you are facing. We will support you and help you get what you need!
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