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8 Vital Podcasts for Independent Doers Everywhere!

August 10, 2022
Swaraa Lodha

Being your own boss or handling an entire team all by yourself, all comes with its challenges. But knowing that you are not alone definitely helps the apprehension and worries. As reading can be time-consuming, you can (and should!) listen to podcasts, whether it is a dedicated time period of your day or just while simply taking a walk. We’re bombarded by so much content today, that it’s hard to know what you should be listening to. That is where we come in!

For this week’s DO Blog, we’ve continued the content curation and created a list of the 8 must-listen-to podcasts for Independent Doers like you to get inspired and create memorable and profitable businesses!  

Masters of Scale

1. Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman

2 Formats. 2 Hosts. Multiple lessons.  

Masters of Scale is a collection of conversations led by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and a Silicon Valley investor. In his format, Hoffman invites CEOs, from Netflix to Starbucks, to share their experiences, strategies, and lessons to turn startups and small businesses into global empires. They discuss the exact mindset that differentiates delegators from leaders. The second format, Rapid Response, focuses mainly on contingency planning, crisis response, rebuilding businesses, and managerial change management. Hosted by Bob Safian, the past editor-in-chief of Fast Company, this weekly podcast gives valuable real-time lessons for business owners who want to learn more about swift changes in the industry.  

Give it a listen if you: Wish to learn from industry experts, learn about creating globally renowned brands, and effectively facing challenges and change!

Memorable Episodes:

  • Masters of Scale: Lead, lead again, w/Meta's Sheryl Sandberg
  • Rapid Response: Waging a $1.4 trillion food fight, w/Impossible Foods CEO Peter McGuinness

Listen to it here:

Promote Yourself to CEO | Small Business Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs  on Apple Podcasts

2. Promote Yourself to CEO by Racheal Cook

Author, entrepreneur, and business growth strategist.  

Racheal Cook discusses the highs and lows of being a solopreneur and how #doingitall should not always be the goal. Being a woman juggling multiple roles in her life, she discusses tips, tricks, and boundaries to set to balance work and life when trying to grow a business. The podcast discusses sustainable techniques to become a leader at work and how to effectively prevent burnout for leaders (and their teams, if needed).

Give it a listen if you: Want to balance your work and life successfully whilst listening to stories about women taking the journey from solopreneurs to CEO whilst focusing on realizing their worth and potential in the industry!

Memorable Episodes:

  • 3 Boundaries Every CEO Needs
  • Are You the Bottleneck? It’s Time to Fire Yourself
  • Do You Have a LEAK in Your Predictable Profit Strategy?

Listen to it here:


That Will Never Work

3. That Will Never Work by Mark Randolf

What platforms do you choose when you want to watch content online? It’s a high chance that Netflix is one of them. And as popular and useful it may be today, it was once a distant dream for Mark Randolf, co-founder of Netflix. Much like many other entrepreneurs, Randolf was told that his idea will never work and to encourage other founders and leaders, he hosts this podcast to bust the myth that ideas need to be “safe” to work. Through these conversations, he discusses how businesses should be disruptive in their own way and provides actionable tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to make themselves memorable or customers.  

Give it a listen if you: Like proving negative notions wrong and want to get actionable skills from a business tycoon who believes, encourages, and lives disruption!  

Memorable Episodes:

  • Entrepreneurship Isn’t Brain Surgery… Or is it?
  • Stop Thinking and Start Doing!
  • Finding Your Subscription Sweet Spot

Listen to it here:

She Did It Her Way | Podcast on Spotify

4. She Did It Her Way by Amanda Boleyn

This podcast serves as an encourager and focuses on providing individuals that want to create a change, the confidence to leave their 9-5 jobs and becoming full-time entre/solopreneurs. From technical tips to productivity hacks, this podcast is a guide for any business owner and entrepreneur doing it for the first time. Boleyn talks about entrepreneurs deserving freedom and provides insights on how to achieve it in our daily lives.  

Give it a listen if you: Want to learn from other women entrepreneurs and create a shift in your life, from a daily rigmarole to daily contentment when doing your job!

Memorable Episodes:

  • Freelancer to Full-Time Entrepreneur with Emily Mills
  • Find Your Quick Win
  • How to Overcome Objections  

Listen to it here:

5. The Freakonomics Radio Network by Stephen J Dubner & Others

This network of podcasts focusses on various fields and their freaky intersection with economics and business.  

  • The Freakonomics Radio: The main podcast under this network, The Freakonomics Radio is hosted by the co-author of the novel Freakonomics, and has Stephen J Dubner discussing the world of business through the eyes of entrepreneurs, freelancers, Nobel laureates, amongst others.  
  • No Stupid Questions: Stephen J Dubner and author, Angele Duckworth find no question ridiculous enough to be left unanswered, so they ask each other as many questions as they can in each podcast, about risks, emotions, business, and in everything in between, no matter how stupid it may be.
  • People I (mostly) Admire: Hosted by the economist, Stevin Levitt, this podcast has him track down other experts in their field, and ask them all questions business and why they do what they do.  
  • Freakonomics, M.D.: The Harvard economist and physician, Dr. Bapu Jena, discusses fascinating stories and answers out-of-the-box questions about business, medicine, and the business of medicine.  

Give it a listen if you: Enjoy the art of questions and looking at life through a different lens every single day – whilst gaining more knowledge about how business seamlessly intersects with other fields!

Memorable Episodes:

  • The Freakonomics Radio: Don’t Worry, Be Tacky
  • No Stupid Questions: How Simple is Too Simple?
  • People I (mostly) Admire: Yuval Noah Harari Thinks Life is Meaningless and Amazing
  • Freakonomics, M.D.: Can Fear be Good Medicine?

Listen to it here:

6. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

This podcast is a freelancer favorite and has Pat Flynn, the blogger, reveal his marketing, blogging, and income sourcing tips. He follows three formats: Monologues, interviews, and co-hosting. He speaks about his journey as a freelancer and an owner of several online businesses whilst also conducting sit downs with other freelancers (popular and/or upcoming) about their struggles and successes.  

Give it a listen if you:  Are a freelancer who wants specific tips about marketing, productivity, and work-life balance whilst learning from other Doers just like you!

Memorable Episodes:

  • How to Market Mindfully by Daphne Gomez
  • Entrepreneurship is an Energy Game
  • Excuses

Listen to it here:


ROCKETSHIP.FM - The Podglomerate

7. by Podglomerate

If you are an entrepreneur, business founder, or a leader in the tech space, this podcast is for you. From personal stories to breaking down tech-specific concepts for listeners, this podcast focuses on all technical industries and discusses product management, research & development, sales, and growth. Each episode follows a case study format and focuses on a new product/service (Nintendo, Apple, Disney+) that was a good example of disruptive innovation.  

Give it a listen if you: Are operating in the tech space and want to keep updates with the incumbents and disruptors in the same industry as you whilst learning from their mistakes!  

Memorable Episodes:

  • Nintendo, 130 In the Making
  • The Ever-Elusive Apple iCar

Listen to it here:

Taken for Granted | Podcasts | TED

8. Taken for Granted by Adam Grant

As an organizational psychologist, Adam Grant uses this podcast as a way to showcase anything and everything we end up taking for granted in the business space. He forces listeners to rethink ideas, oppose theories, and break the box that our mindsets confide in. He discusses his favorite thinkers in business, like Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, and Daniel Kahneman amongst others, and how their mindset takes nothing for granted, making them the leaders that they are.  

Give it a listen if you: Wish to rethink the way you approach life and enjoy embracing new ways to embrace your business practices and life!

Memorable Episodes:

  • Malcolm Gladwell Questions Everything
  • Daniel Kahneman Doesn’t Trust Your Intuition
  • Indra Nooyi Says It’s Time for Leaders to Care

Listen to it here:

That’s it for our list of the 8 vital podcasts for Independent Doers!

Although it may seem like a burden to select podcasts and wait for episodes,  these 8 podcasts will provide knowledge, wisdom, and guidance for all doers, from freelancers to founders, and help you become more refined versions of yourself!

So, get listening and up your business game!

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