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Stripe: SGD 20,000 in fee-free card processing credits

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Doerscircle Premium Members are eligible for:

  1. SGD20K in fee-free card processing credits*:
  2. Access to exclusive Stripe startup events and product betas
  3. Priority support and free implementation desk services for the first 90 days on Stripe

Please note that the following T&Cs apply to the processing credits:

  • processing credits are not applicable for express connect accounts or for companies using Shopify payments;
  • processing credits apply to Stripe users who have yet to receive fee-free processing credits and are on Stripe sticker pricing; and
  • there is a twelve-month expiration for the processing credits, the clock starts ticking once the fee waiver is accepted on the user’s dashboard.

How the discount works:

  • The user will get a notification when the fee waiver is applied to their Stripe account
  • The user will still see a fee listed on each charge, but the fees will be combined and credited back to the user as an adjustment when we calculate the total for each transfer. The user will be able to see the adjustments and final transfer amount once each transfer is scheduled here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/payouts/overview
  • The user can see their discount details (total amount, how much is used, how much longer it is active for) here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/balance/overview.

How to Redeem - Click on https://stripe.com/startup-benefits/doerscircle

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